Simple American Accent
Hi! I'm Will.

I help Brazilians who already speak English to…

  • Speak more clearly & confidently… and to learn to feel good when you speak.
  • (Optionally) Get closer to an American accent. Or if you love sounding Brazilian, or want to aim for a different accent(s), that’s great too. I can guide you.
  • Develop skill and independence with pronunciation and accent in general, so that you can learn any language and accent you want with more confidence and ease.

I’m a native speaker from the US who learned to speak Portuguese fluently without visiting Brazil. Now, I’m on a journey to speak 100% like a Brazilian native speaker (or as close as I can get). Not because I have to, but because I personally love that journey. I also speak Spanish fluently, and a bit of Dutch, Russian, and Italian.

Want my help?

Here are my 3 main programs.
Choose how deep you want to go.

One 6 month cycle in my mentorship program. By application only. The format is simple and allows you to go deep or keep it light – it’s up to you. 2 group calls per month. Even though it’s in a group format, each person gets my 1:1 attention and guidance within each group call. You’ll probably learn a lot from other people’s questions, too. Includes a single 1:1 call and my digital course if you want them. Click here to apply.

Deep review of your pronunciation/accent. Before the call, I’ll have you send me audio of you speaking (I have a process to keep it simple and quick.) During the call, I’ll point out some of the main opportunities for improvement in clarity, confidence, and optionally getting closer to an American accent. We’ll start making progress together live in the call. I’ll also show you how to keep making progress on your own (or we can explore options if you want to keep working with me). Includes my digital course if you want it. Click here to schedule.

Access to my “do-it-yourself” digital course. Simple videos on the Hotmart platform that you can access whenever you want. Just one payment, ongoing access. 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee. Click here to join.

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If you’re not ready to dive deeper into one of my paid programs yet, feel free to follow me on Instagram. @SimpleAmericanAccent

There are over 1000 pieces of content already there waiting for you, and I try to help for free as much as I can. And if you get value from my free content… imagine what it might be like to work more deeply with me via my paid programs. We can go deeper. We can customize things to your exact needs. It can be more enjoyable, efficient, and fun.

Feel free to DM me if you’re thinking about doing one of my programs but not sure which one is best for your current situation.

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