Simple American Accent

I help Brazilians who want an American accent & already speak English.
Sou dos EUA. Na jornada de falar como brasileiro.


This is my main program.

Are you Brazilian?
Want to speak with an American accent…
…or at least closer to it?

Are you already conversational in English?
Then this program is designed specifically for you.

One 6 month cycle is $2k USD à vista
or 3 monthly payments of $800 USD.

1:1 Mentorship

I almost never do 1:1 Mentorship anymore. I charge very high for it.

I did 1:1 for the first 5 years of my business and realized all my clients had pretty much the same struggles. That’s why my core program is now a very focused group program… focused just for Brazilians who want an American accent and already speak English. I prefer you join that program.

If you really want 1:1, it will likely be somewhere in the $5k USD or $10k USD range. Feel free to reach out via WhatsApp at +13194576479  if that might be a good fit.

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Meet People Who Will Has Helped:

Victor Damásio - Entrepreneur & Business Mentor

“Há algum tempo eu tenho buscado uma melhora na minha pronúncia. Diminuir o accent. Diminuir o sotaque brasileiro e aumentar a proximidade com a pronúncia do inglês americano. E não conheço ninguém no mundo melhor do que o Will para ajudar nisso.


“10 years after I started to work on American English pronunciation/accent… that’s when Will showed up… He knows our accent. He studies Portuguese. He studies Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation. He knows what our main difficulties are and our speech patterns. He’s helpful in a way that no other foreigner/American can be.

Marcella - English Teacher

“I’m an English teacher. I have been speaking English ever since I was a little girl… I was really hesitant [to buy a 1:1 call] at first because even though I saw his Instagram and I had been following him for some time, I didn’t know if he would be able to help someone like me who is already really advanced in English and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

I definitely really liked his service. I will definitely be buying it again and I will most definitely recommend it to everyone who has an interest in English because it really did help me a lot. I didn’t know if he would be able to [help me] but he did. And I want more help! I want more direction and I want to eventually sound native.”

Igor - Doctor / Youtuber

I came to the US to practice medicine… After following Will for a few months, I decided to invest in a call with Will and it exceeded my expectations. The  main reason I wanted to make a call with Will was for him to point these things out and to shorten the amount of time for me to get to a level of English that I’m comfortable at. And that was exactly what I got. With some words I was able to improve like instantly. And some other words like [bed/bad], I still have to practice… but now that I know that there is a difference and I have ways to practice, I really think that I will get there. So thank you very much, Will. You were very, very helpful and I’m very grateful for you.”

Ana - Actress

“I did the audition. And I felt much more secure for the audition because I had prepared my lines with Will… I’ve taken accent reduction classes before. I liked this one in particular because he knew my language and he knew how to “fix” specifically what I needed to be “fixed.” So he could give me examples in my own language and be like “Look, that’s what you do in Portuguese. And that’s what you have to change to English.” So it made much more sense in my head than with other teachers that I’ve had. So that was great. Plus, it was just nice. It was friendly. And I felt comfortable. I felt like I could express and I could actually try because you have to do a lot of silly exercises. And he was patient in walking me through things, which makes a lot of difference.”


“I tend to say some of the vowels the same way while actually they should have different sounds. He helped me a lot on how I can train and improve them… but at the same time, he gave me some tips for how I can improve my accent on my own. Which software I can use, what tools are available, etc.


“We don’t think about [accent] as native speakers. Even in Portuguese, I don’t think I can actually help somebody to pronounce the way I do by identifying what they’re doing different. I will know that it’s different, but I don’t know how to explain that. And Will, he really can do that. Because he knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t only know how to speak different languages, but he knows how language works, how sound works, how the anatomy of what we use to speak works and it really helped me a lot. In the future, I can either keep working with him to improve or if I want to work by myself, I can actually use what I’ve learned to keep improving. I highly recommend that you actually get to talk to somebody who knows what they’re doing. And we actually had a lot of fun too. The time went by really quickly and I already feel a lot more confident.


“Ever since I got to the US, I’ve been studying English like a crazy person. And, you know, just because I wanted to fit in, I wanted to feel more comfortable when it comes to speaking with native speakers and non-native speakers too… And [working with Will] is good for our English pronunciation, especially for us Brazilians. He has some great tricks to teach us new things and how to get better. And it is awesome… Sometimes, when you look for English teachers for Brazilians, they’re gonna say, hey, try not to pronounce the vowel sounds at the end of the words. Like for example, when you say the word take, and they say, try not to say take-ee. But like, I don’t say take-ee. And if you have an advanced English level, you probably don’t say that either. So his content is different because he focuses on what you need to improve and not what Brazilians in general need to improve.

I help Brazilians who already speak English to…

  • Get closer to an American accent. Especially if that’s an accent like mine (or a so-called “General American” accent).
  • Speak more clearly & confidently… and to learn to feel good when you speak – no matter what accent you have or want to have.
  • Stop avoiding sounds, words, phrases, and situations… and start feeling excited to speak more.
  • Develop skill and independence with pronunciation and accent in general, so that you depend on me (and other coaches) less and less over time… and so that you can independently learn multiple languages and accents with more confidence and ease.

In 2018, I started Simple American Accent to help Brazilians who want to get an American accent. Since then, I’ve done hundreds of calls with Brazilian clients, learned a TON, and helped a lot of people.

But I’ve actually been diving deep into foreign languages and accents for over 15 years. I am a practitioner first, teacher second. I live and breathe this stuff, because I love it. So much, in fact, that I quit my engineering career in order to do this full time.

My first and deepest language/accent adventure was when I went very deep into both Puerto Rican Spanish and Malagueño Spanish. (I got a near-native accent in both.) I became friends with many native speakers from both places and have lots of crazy stories.

Now, I’m on a journey to speak Brazilian Portuguese 100% like a native speaker (or as close as I can get). And I can help you with the “opposite” journey (Brazilian to American) in a way that most other people can’t. You can judge my results so far – it’s a work in progress and I’m getting closer every day. I do this not because I have to, but because I personally love going deep. It’s a fun journey for me. I’m already fluent in Portuguese despite never visiting Brazil yet (I plan to visit and maybe even live there someday… hopefully soon!) 

I also speak Spanish fluently, and a bit of Dutch, Russian, and Italian. I frequently get compliments on my pronunciation even in languages that I don’t speak – just because of this skill with sounds that I have developed. In recent years, I’ve also started studying the formal side of accent acquisition, including phonetics and how dialect coaches help actors learn accents for TV, movies, and more.

When I do something, I obsess over doing it well. When you hire me, we get to use my obsession to your advantage.

If you’re Brazilian, already speak English, and want to speak with an American accent and feel good when you speak…

I’m your guy. I live and breathe this stuff.

If you’re not ready to dive deeper into one of my paid programs yet, no worries. Tudo a seu tempo. I make lots of free content on Instagram. @SimpleAmericanAccent

There are over 2000 pieces of content already there waiting for you, and I try to help for free as much as I can. And if you get value from my free content… imagine what it might be like to work more deeply with me in a paid program. We can go deeper. We can customize things to your exact needs. It can be more enjoyable, efficient, and fun.

Feel free to message me if you’re thinking about working with me but not sure which option is best for your current situation.

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