Get your pronunciation/accent reviewed professionally

My goal is to help you discover 3 years’ worth of blind spots with your pronunciation/accent…

… in 3 hours or less of your time.

My specialty is helping Brazilians who already speak English… who still want to improve their pronunciation/accent. Even if they’re “advanced” speakers who have lived and worked in the US for years or decades.

I am an American who is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. I know what it’s like to speak a foreign language, personally and professionally.

Here's how it works:


“Fast forward 10 years after I started to work on American English pronunciation/accent… that’s when Will showed up.

My English pronunciation had plateaued.

I decided to schedule an Accent Review with [Will]. And it was great, because he was able to point out where my blind spots were, where my sticking points were. And that’s why I’m recommending his services…

And his other advantage is that he knows our accent. He studies Portuguese. He studies the Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation. He knows what our main difficulties are and our speech patterns. He’s helpful in a way that no other foreigner/American can be.”


“One thing that I really liked was the fact that he asked me to pre-record and send him some sentences. So when we started the call, he already had a bunch of interesting feedback to share with me.

During the call, we explored some of the mispronunciation patterns that I have. More specifically, I tend to say some of the vowels the same way while actually they should have different sounds.

He helped me a lot on how I can train and improve them… but at the same time, he gave me some tips for how I can improve my accent on my own. Which software I can use, what tools are available, etc.”

Any questions?

Feel free to DM me on Instagram and I'll try to help clarify things.

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