For Brazilians who already speak English:

Do you want to improve your pronunciation, confidence speaking, and maybe even get closer to an American accent?

You’re gonna want to check out my new course.

What's included in this offer?

You get ongoing access to my “do-it-yourself” course. It’s the place where I’m packaging up what I do with clients into a “do-it-yourself” format.

It’s videos (and other resources) on the Hotmart platform, that you can access whenever you want. When you buy, you will automatically receive an email from Hotmart giving you access.

This course is still imperfect and evolving. I’m still adding to it over time, and you’ll get access to those updates.

The videos are in English. This course isn’t about general fluency, or vocab, or grammar. It’s specifically about pronunciation/accent, for Brazilians who already speak English.

And you’re covered by a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee – buy & check out what’s already in the course with no risk. And I’ll be adding more over time (including more content within the next 30 days and beyond, based on your feedback and requests) to make it better & better.

If you want to take advantage of the 30 day refund period to test out this course, click any of the buttons on this page, and you can join the course and see if you like what’s there, with practically no risk.

I don’t really care about course “completion” or how many videos you watch… I just care about giving you the tools you need to make progress, at whatever pace you want, whenever you want. It’s up to you how deep and how far you want to go. For the right person, just one insight could make a difference.

Think of this course as a toolbox for you, that I’ll be adding to over time. It’s my new place to add my best advice for accent acquisition, so that people who are the “do-it-yourself” type or just love courses can have this reference material easily accessible.

And it’s made by me… someone who actually speaks Portuguese as a foreign language, helps Brazilians every day, and understands the challenges of speaking in a foreign language and accent.

This isn’t some language course about basic survival or just “communicating.” This is about developing real confidence in the sounds that come out of your mouth, over time… so you can be proud of how you sound and be less distracted, embarrassed, and left out.

Especially if you already “know” tons of English, but you still feel limited by how you speak and sound.

You probably don’t need another general English course.

Maybe you need something different.


Will Rosenberg

Hi, I’m Will. I’m an American who speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and a bit of a few other languages.

I’m the founder of Simple American Accent.

My goal is to “speak like a native” in every language and accent I learn (but that doesn’t have to be your goal – there are many valid goals and that’s up to you).

I have gotten meaningfully close to “speaking like a native” in Spanish and Portuguese and am always working to get closer.

I’ve been learning foreign languages and accents for 15+ years.

And I’ve been specifically helping Brazilians with their accent, pronunciation, and confidence in speaking English for 2+ years.

What’s Inside The Course?

  • Discover my 3-part framework for how to acquire any accent you want (without needing to learn phonetic alphabets, memorize a bunch of spelling rules, or tons of tricky anatomy)

  • Find out how to apply this framework to your specific situation (if you’re a Brazilian who already speaks English and you now want to see how clear, confident, and maybe even close to an American accent you can get… I’ll be diving deeper and deeper into this over time)

  • Discover how to identify and fix “hidden errors” in your speaking patterns to help avoid embarrassment  (I’ve already added some examples of the most common pronunciation challenges that Brazilians specifically have, when trying to speak “American English”… based on my 2+ years of specifically helping Brazilians with this… and I’ll be adding more over time!) 

  • And much, much more…

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We can use whatever past payments you have made as payments toward this course…

… and you’ll only have to pay the remaining difference.

And if you bought a previous “beta” version of this course, even better…

… ask me and I’ll just upgrade you to this version for just $2 to cover the course platform’s processing fees.

DM me and I’ll clarify what your options are based on your specific past purchases.