“Que tal um passo menor?”

A cheaper option is my DIY course (“Do It Yourself” course).

How it works:
You get access to the same methodology as in my Mentorship, but in a cheaper format. This DIY course is in English and it’s designed specifically for Brazilians who want an American accent (or closer to it) who already speak English. It’s not about generic or basic English. It’s a very specific focus on accent.

This course is where I take the best ideas from my Mentorship and I put them in a “do it yourself” format. I upload videos, exercises, resources, or whatever else I believe will help you to get closer to an American accent as a Brazilian. And I keep adding to it over time, based on my work with Mentorship clients.

Investment: You can get access to this for just R$997 BRL per year (or it can be “parcelado” in up to 12xR$99 BRL).

Bonus: If you buy this now, I’m currently also offering a bonus 30 minute 1:1 call with me, so that you can still get a bit of personalized accent feedback and coaching for your specific situation, and so that we can get to know each other a bit. I don’t know how much longer I will offer this bonus.

Option to Upgrade: Plus, if/when you later want to “upgrade” to the Mentorship program, we can use the R$997 BRL that you paid for the DIY course towards your Mentorship payment, so you’d just pay the remaining difference when you’re ready to join the Mentorship. So the DIY course is a great first step on your journey towards the Mentorship program.

Interested? If yes, here's what to do next...

Please click here to grab your spot in the DIY program.

On that page, you can choose to pay R$997 BRL per year or “parcelado” in up to 12xR$99 BRL (make sure to select Brazil as the country of purchase to see the “parcelamento” option).

After you submit your payment information at the link above:

1) Access: Check your email inbox for an email from Hotmart with the information you need to access the course. You should receive an email within a few minutes and then have immediate access to the members’ area.

2) Bonus: Send me a message on WhatsApp at +13194576479 or on Instagram and I’ll send you a link to schedule your bonus 1:1 call. You’ll be able to see my calendar and choose a time that works for you. Some people say that this call alone is worth more than what they paid for the course.

3) Upgrade: If/when you later want to upgrade to the Mentorship program, let me know and we can apply the R$997 BRL you paid for the DIY Course toward the Mentorship payment, so that you just pay the remaining difference.

For any questions about whether this program is right for you, or any of this process: You can send me a WhatsApp message at +13194576479 and/or contact Hotmart support if it’s a technical/payment issue specific to their platform.

You can email me too, but I’ll tend to respond faster via WhatsApp.