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How To Get A Native Accent (Or Near-Native Accent)

Brazilians who already speak English:
If you want to learn how to get a native or near-native accent, this program is for you.

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Will Rosenberg

Principles, Processes, Exercises

Meet People Who Will Has Helped:


“10 years after I started to work on American English pronunciation/accent… that’s when Will showed up… He knows our accent. He studies Portuguese. He studies Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation. He knows what our main difficulties are and our speech patterns. He’s helpful in a way that no other foreigner/American can be.”


“I tend to say some of the vowels the same way while actually they should have different sounds. He helped me a lot on how I can train and improve them… but at the same time, he gave me some tips for how I can improve my accent on my own. Which software I can use, what tools are available, etc.


“I did the audition. And I felt much more secure for the audition because I had prepared my lines with Will… I’ve taken accent reduction classes before. I liked this one in particular because he knew my language and he knew how to “fix” specifically what I needed to be “fixed.” So he could give me examples in my own language and be like “Look, that’s what you do in Portuguese. And that’s what you have to change to English.” So it made much more sense in my head than with other teachers that I’ve had. So that was great. Plus, it was just nice. It was friendly. And I felt comfortable. I felt like I could express and I could actually try because you have to do a lot of silly exercises. And he was patient in walking me through things, which makes a lot of difference.”


“Ever since I got to the US, I’ve been studying English like a crazy person. And, you know, just because I wanted to fit in, I wanted to feel more comfortable when it comes to speaking with native speakers and non-native speakers too… And [working with Will] is good for our English pronunciation, especially for us Brazilians. He has some great tricks to teach us new things and how to get better. And it is awesome… Sometimes, when you look for English teachers for Brazilians, they’re gonna say, hey, try not to pronounce the vowel sounds at the end of the words. Like for example, when you say the word take, and they say, try not to say take-ee. But like, I don’t say take-ee. And if you have an advanced English level, you probably don’t say that either. So his content is different because he focuses on what you need to improve and not what Brazilians in general need to improve.


“We don’t think about [accent] as native speakers. Even in Portuguese, I don’t think I can actually help somebody to pronounce the way I do by identifying what they’re doing different. I will know that it’s different, but I don’t know how to explain that. And Will, he really can do that. Because he knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t only know how to speak different languages, but he knows how language works, how sound works, how the anatomy of what we use to speak works and it really helped me a lot. In the future, I can either keep working with him to improve or if I want to work by myself, I can actually use what I’ve learned to keep improving. I highly recommend that you actually get to talk to somebody who knows what they’re doing. And we actually had a lot of fun too. The time went by really quickly and I already feel a lot more confident.”

Is This For You?

  • Do you want an American accent? (Or maybe another specific kind of accent?)
  • Do you want to try to “pass” as a native speaker?
  • Do you want to have a “neutral” accent that doesn’t interfere with your communication?
  • Do you not really care about sounding native, but you’re still looking to take things to the next level?
  • Do you want to develop skills and strategies so you can do this more independently, so you don’t have to keep depending on other people’s random advice or paying for more courses and coaching?

Well, you’re in the right place. It’s up to you how deep you go. But this is powerful stuff.

I’ll teach you how I approach learning any accent, in any language. I’ll teach you principles and processes to independently learn any accent in any language you want, and we’ll start actually applying it in practical ways, together.

As we’re learning this deeper framework, I’ll also teach you specifically how to apply this framework so that you can learn my US accent / a so-called General American accent, with lots of examples – even if you’re already deep in this and looking for very specific, subtle details. I’ll give you specific examples to save you lots of time, based on 50+ 1:1 calls that I’ve done with Brazilian clients.

And I’ll also teach you how to apply this framework to whatever other specific accents you want. Even if it’s really specific – like one specific person, or a group of people from the same city or background. Whatever you want. Maybe it’s a regional US accent. Or a specific British or Australian accent. Or anything else.

These are the same processes I use to independently train my accents in Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and more. I’ve been personally doing this for 15+ years. Any language, any accent. The deeper principles and processes are the same – whether you’re new to accent work or already getting close to your target and looking for those final few details to polish.

Of course, this isn’t a magic pill or instantaneous solution. What matters most isn’t what we do in the calls in this program… it’s what YOU do between calls and after the program. But I will teach you my processes and help get you moving and answer any questions you have. You’ll see how you can follow this approach as deep as you want – potentially even to the point of “passing” as a specific type of native speaker in your target accent.

The Path To Independently Learn Any Native Accent

This will be a deep dive into your accent habits, including your inputs, your skills and systems, and your actual training and troubleshooting processes. I like to think of these as People, Pronunciation & Prosody, and Processes. Through 4 calls, over the next 2 months… we’ll do a deep dive together so you can learn this approach and start implementing it with my support.


You’ll get clarity on WHO or WHAT you want to sound like, and why. I’ll show you how to figure this out, how to identify specific people who represent your target accent(s), and how to find tons of audio of them speaking and maybe even become friends with them. This isn’t about just following some over-simplified rules about how you “should” speak – this is about being an independent detective and figuring out how the people you care about actually speak, including whatever variations naturally show up. In other words, accents and the people who speak them are alive. I’ll teach you to immerse yourself in the real thing, not just some frozen textbook or course. This can actually be a lot of fun – and addicting!

Pronunciation & Prosody

I’ll show you how to develop a deep, independent skillset around sound and speech itself, because this is the fabric of everything we do with accent. The better your skill with sounds, the more accurately you can perceive and reproduce any accent you hear. Then, I’ll show you how to actually apply these abilities to any accent you want – including lots of specific examples and details for my US accent / a so-called General American accent… and a bit of some other accents based on request.


How to use technology, workflows, and specific training methods to solve whatever challenges you have – even the deepest, subtlest, trickiest challenges. (Some of these techniques are surprisingly simple. Some are more complex.) So that you can discover blind spots, break through plateaus, and keep making meaningful progress towards an “authentic” accent that that you feel good living in – potentially even to the point of effortlessly “passing” as a native.

When you combine all of this, you are in a powerful position to learn any accent you want – deeply, independently, and directly.

I’ll have you do exercises throughout this program, so that it’s not just theory. My goal for you in this program is for you to actually start getting real practical results – so that you know you can continue this journey “on your own” for the rest of your life, in any direction you want. Just keep repeating and extending things, based on the framework and skills you got from this program.

Meet Your Mentor

Will Rosenberg is a native speaker of English from the US. He has been personally training to “speak like a native” in multiple foreign languages and accents for over 15 years.

Including Puerto Rican Spanish, Malagueño Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese (soon to include some specific accents), Dutch, and more.

In 2018, he began specifically focusing on helping Brazilians do the same in English, with a focus on accents… even to the point of “passing” as a native speaker.

Will Rosenberg – Simple American Accent

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